The Leekly Review: Album Edition, Woman by Rhye

Dear Honkadonks,

As I sit here, trying not to bonk my sleep-deprived head into this keyboard I decided to do a Leekly Review.

I am one or two behind due to setting a few days aside to re-fail my driving test and coughing up the Kerry colours (green and gold, UP THE KINGDOM!) into the sink every morning. Incidentally I write this from the capital of Namibia, it’s been 10 hours since I peeled myself off the flight here and I’ve already eaten 5 new kinds of animal.

You’re running out of places to hide… American Bald Eagle.

So the review this time around is of Woman by Rhye. Now, this is normally the kind of stuff I loathe. Lighter than camomile tea from a thrice-recycled bag, a bloke doing the singing who sounds like he’s soundtracking a documentary about restaraunts in the 90’s (yes I mean he sounds EXACTLY like Sade) and a self-assured minimalism of instruments that can make me want to parachute in Chilli Pepper Polymath John Frusciante to overlay 40 layers of almost identical guitar on it. Like a boss.

All of that said, I came across this in one of my occasional pilgrimages to Pitchfork to listen my way through their top 50 albums from the year (6% hits, 94% shits). I got it going while doing something else and found it relatively easy to listen to compared to some of the competition which often just sounds like someone wedging thier privates into a fridge motor or using a single xylophone hammer to bink their front window.

But it took root in me, literally notes at a time and there was always somefeature in a song on the previous listen that was… flawless.

The second track, The Fall is clearly the best of the lot and has weird semblance to me of the start of More More More by (apparently something called) Andrea True Connection. The little bit at 15 seconds. And NONE of the rest of it, bar the repetitious “Ooo’s.” Listen for yourself below.


Speaking of I never caught that weird Califortion one-hit wonders “Len” sampled the shit out of the Andrea Glue Apoplection or whatever for the embarassing lapse of my taste that was “Steal My Sunshine”

I apologise for NOTHING!

Anyway, way off the point. Woman is a really top album, with plenty of subtle lyrics, amazing moments like the drumroll and trumpet wail of 06:22 in The Fall, or the intro to Last Dance at 07:21, with muted guitars, glissing bass and a single trumpet hit because that’s exactly what needs to happen after those first two things do.

Full album below:

Speak soon with plenty more Africhatteroo.

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