The Leekly Review: Album Edition Light Up Gold

Alright, so month number two of my new review to-do!

Internal rhyming denotes a maverick willingness to bend the rules (for reference see the Mel Gibson movie, “Maverick”, not the Mel Gibson movie, “I have opinions about Jewish people that mean I no longer get work”) and to speak like a Lewis Carrol character who is going through an emotionally difficult time.

October will be all albums, mainly newish ones that I have become massively keen on. Largely I listen to music via youtube while I compile labyrinthine spreadsheets of animal skin prices (the fur trade is a harsh and surprisingly numerate mistress) and in my current job the first album I got into was Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts.

They are from New York (whadda cannoli! etc.) and are in some ways reminiscent of the Strokes and Pavement and are super-American. The rhythm guitar is pretty simplistic, even repetitive but in a somewhat more joyous way than the aforementioned tiny leather jacket wearing grumpuses, more like the utter maniacs in DEVO.

Lyrically, they aren’t anything particularly special but the lyrics are delivered with a nice mix of solid melodies and a little bit of shouty atonality. They’re happy to drop out of singing mode (all Mariah all the time is never something that swells my orbs) into a little shoutiness or talk-singing but the album as a whole gets a nice balance of these different qualities even if individual songs favour one over another.

Highlights include the really strong start of the two first tracks (“Socrates died in the fucking gutter!”), the moaning chrome-clad guitar solo at 5:06 and the slight reaching for lyrical space in No Ideas.

This is not an album to change the world of music, likely no album ever will be again. Music doesn’t work that way any more. But its does have some cracking high tempo songs, music that feels fun even if the lyrics sometimes veer towards the critical (“But there are still careers in combat my son”) and the Toner of Leek Guaranteek that this is a good album

…even if you might disagree.

Listen below:

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