Leekly Review: Podcast Edition – Second Captains


It’s the last review of September and I have assuredly kept the best for last.

Second Captains is the undisputed top podcast in my auditory arsenal. Originally an evening sports radio show in Ireland, they were denied an expansion of their timeslot by the powers that suck and decided to walk.

Denied largely by this puffknuckle.

By then they had become a word of mouth sleeper hit for anyone with even a passing interest in sports around the country. Honestly, one Christmas I mentioned I listened it to my family and we divided down the middle, civil war style into who did and did not think football correspondent Ken Early was “a bollocks.”

For the record my darling dear Meg is firmly in the bollocks camp. While I was listening to them commentate live on the hurling final last year, Meg stomped in.

“IS THAT KEN-FUCKFACE EARLY!?” she thundered. I tweeted this to Ken. He thought she sounded lovely.

Now a podcast via The Irish Times (and occasional TV show) they put together something that calmly mocks the self-important pomposity of top-level sports while recognising the human stories that weave through even the most “I couldn’t give a fudge about it” athletic pursuits. I do not think it could be a better thing than the thing that it is.

Highlights include the letters slot entitled “Scum Around the Country,” Pierce Brosnans immigrant shoutouts (bonus points if you meet the man himself) and the at times endearing (the death of his epileptic dog Frank) and sordid (when a pimp turned up at the Millwall FC Christmas party with a gun) tales from his professional footballing past of frequent guest Ritchie Sadlier.

And the reason for the name in all this? Because sometimes a national football manager who is himself on very thin ice, cannot hide his juddering disdain for you.

Check the podcast here:

Or on iTunes or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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