The Leekly Review Podcast Edition: The Smartest Man in The World

Hey! You there in the bushes! Wait… that’s me.  Confusing. 

Does something in your soul cry out for recorded online radio in on-demand listenable form? Well read on you pretty thing.

The Smartest Man in the World podcast with Greg Proops is about as varied a podcast as you are likely to find. Which is a bit pistachios considering it’s just him for up to two hours. 0% guests. 0% reminiscing about his non-existent career as a Vegas showgirl (nod to best film of the 90’s Sister Act there). 100% sounds like his name is “Poops.” You might recall him as the nasally-voiced ginger with rectangular glasses from Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Well he survived and is in a small theatre near you speaking really quickly and airing so many audioclips of Steely Dan that they’re planning on suing him as their pension plan.

Politics, hu(wo)man rights, classic cinema and baseball are all favored topics, but in truth the monoversation can go pretty much anywhere. Some classics include reading out Karl Lagerfelds online journal as Jeremy Irons (“I never stop drinking… Diet Coke. Literally”), hammering GOOP (that skinny lady who used to be married to ColdPlate) and espousing the life-changing properties of “ManBag Beer”.

There is also the “Boring Preachy Part” where he takes 20 minutes to despair of the human race, but in a real way he’s made me reconsider one or two things about society, namely what a shitburger it is to be a woman sometimes. Weird that it took a man to point that out to me, but maybe that’s part of the point. He records all over the world and in fact I recently saw him in Heathrow while I was in BusinessGuy mode, he was trying not to inhale while surrounded by sweaty teenage students. My mother also saw him in an airport in Ireland, info I think I emailed to him at the time. I think he was a bit creeped out. And with good reason.

Check the site for the podcast below, or pick it up on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

Smartest Man in the World Podcast

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