Mid-leek Reviews podcast edition Dead Authors

May Septemberous greetings fall upon your salty brow.

After a long Tuesday chewing coal or grinding wheat you’ve decided to chill down with a nice fat podcast. Good for you! And some heroin. But I’m not gonna judge.

Look what you’re doing to your mother!

Anyway, you’re cycling through the options looking for cast iron comedy gold. Silver and bronze can piss off you say!

Dear reader I point you towards the Dead Authors podcast. Hosted by father of sci-fi HG Wells (actually comedian Paul F Tomkins), who uses his time machine to travel back in time to pluck famous authors from the past for interviews in front of a live audience somewhere in the US.

Overall the series is remarkably consistent in its comedy, surprisingly informative and all in the name of a kids reading charity in the United States. For those of you with a conscience. Fools.

<hits wombat> Because I’m evil and such. Never seen one? They’re super cute.

Some of the comedians are pretty household names like Kristen Schall, Andy Richter and Jon Hodgman.

A particular delight is HG’s ongoing feud with Jules Verne down to the argument on who was the true father of sci-fi. The crowd now knows to hiss when the name is uttered.

If you`re trying to give it a bash I would recommend going for the L Ron Hubbard double bill of episodes. If you’re unaware who that was, he was the absolute madman who founded Scientology but before that he was an A grade scheister and super prolific science fiction author. Seemingly dreadful books but there we are.

Favoured quotes from those episodes include on his writing style “first draft last draft get it out the door!” and how he spent the 60’s, “sex magic with an elemental!? Now THAT`S sex magic!!”

The site for the charity it benefits is here if you want to support it:


And here is the page for the podcast, of course it’s also on ITunes or wherever you get your podcasts.


I’m off to go bowling in a shopping centre in rural Poland for work.

I swish thee not!

The Toner of Leek

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