Mid-Leek Reviews (Podcast Edition) – Comedy Bang Bang

You know what’s good? Any old rubbish I say.

And with that self-delusion stated, let’s attempt a review blog. Coocookacha!

Podcasts = free radio. So free, the practitioners often invite you to not listen if you bitch too hard. I’m reviewing as my first of 4 for the month CBB or Comedy Bang Bang. In short this is what Meg would call “Twat Talk,” with a capital twat.

Not sure she knows what that means.

It’s a talk show plus character-based improv podcast where pretty much anybody with a few hours of work in LA is likely to drop in. Simon Pegg, Jemaine Clement and John Hamm are all friends of the show but for the sweet comedy nougat you need to get to people like Andy Daly and Paul F. Tompkins (a lot more from him in other entries). It has spawned a whole stable of podcasts plus a TV show. Jist is this, 30% interviews, 5% music and numbers% character based improv. From Bob Ducca (not a well man – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHIegpSmIyw) to readily-abused robot Little Buttonpuss (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfFCGTdYb0U) it’s up towards the top of the iTunes chart for a reason.

Drop into it at any point, but there are like 370 almost 2 hour episodes so pace yourself. Otherwise you might listen to it all in one go and find yourself waking up 20 years later in a huge dribbly, Rip van Tinkle cobweb.

As podcasts go it’s a daintily varied and altogether edible biscuit. The TV show (that spun off from it) is different, with more sketches and such but if you want to listen to some varied (and pretty consistent) comedy, this may be your guy.

One question left… do you like champagne?

Mid-Leek Reviews

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